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The investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to provide long-term capital growths. The Sub-Fund invests predominantly in equity of companies, of any size and in any sector, that carry out the main part of their economic activity in the USA. Investments may be public or private and may include real estate investment trusts (“REITs”). The investment philosophy of the Sub-Fund and the basis on which investments will be selected is founded on the belief that companies which possess the ability to consistently generate free cash flow and effectively allocate capital to generate growth in value per share will, over the long term, outperform stock market averages. Alongside this, the Investment Manager believes that a disciplined valuation process can enhance long-term returns. The Sub-Fund may also invest in Canadian companies and companies of other countries, so long as such companies equities are denominated in U.S. dollars and traded on U.S. exchanges. The Sub-Fund may hold money market instruments or money market Sub-Funds on an ancilliary basis. The Sub-Fund may use derivatives to reduce various risks or for efficient portfolio management. Benchmark: Russel 1000 Index (Total Return Net of 30% withholding tax). The Fund does not aim to replicate the composition of the Benchmark. The Fund also invests in index constituents in different proportions and in securities which are not included in the index. The degree of discretion with respect to the benchmark is potentially significant. The sub-fund is actively managed. Recommended for retail investors With a basic knowledge of investing in funds and no or limited experience of investing in the Sub-Fund or similar funds Who understand the risk of losing some or all of the capital invested Seeking to increase the value of their investment and provide income over the recommended holding period of 6 years This is a non-distributing unit class. Investment income is re-invested. Investors may sell on demand on any business day in Luxembourg.


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