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The investment objective of the Fund is to provide a higher total return (capital growth plus income) than that of global equity markets over any five-year period and to invest in companies that contribute towards the Paris Agreement climate change goal. The Fund seeks to achieve its objective by investing at least 80% of its Net Asset Value in equity securities of sustainable companies that may operate in any sector and with any market capitalization and that may be domiciled in any country, including up to 20% of the Fund’s Net Asset Value that may be invested in emerging markets. The sustainable companies that the Fund invests are companies that contribute to the long-term global warming objectives of the Paris Agreement by either having a Low Carbon Intensity and/or a Reducing Carbon Intensity. The Fund is expected to have a concentrated portfolio of usually fewer than 40 companies. The Fund may also invest in deposits, warrants, money market instruments such as T-bills, certificates of deposit, commercial paper and bankers’ acceptances. Investment in warrants will not be leveraged and will be limited to 10% of the Fund’s Net Asset Value. The Sub-Fund may use derivatives to reduce various risks, for hedging and investment purposes. SFDR Classification : The Sub-Fund is classified as an Article 9 financial product under SFDR. For more detailed information on the ESG components of the Sub-Fund as well as the integration of sustainability risks into the investment decision process, please refer to the supplement and to the ICAV prospectus. There can be no guarantee that the investment objective will actually be attained. Investors can redeem their Shares on any Business Day, as defined in the supplement. Investors can ask for full or partial redemption of the Shares held. Benchmark Information : The Fund is actively managed and the Investment Manager has freedom in selecting investments. The Fund is actively managed and the Investment Manager has freedom in selecting investments. The Investment Manager has selected the MSCI World Net Return Index (“Index”) to measure the Fund’s performance. The Index captures large and mid-cap representation across the world developed markets equity universe. The Index is not an ESG benchmark and is not consistent with ESG criteria. The Index is also used to define the carbon profile of companies. The Investment Manager considers the Fund’s weighted average carbon intensity against the Index when constructing the portfolio, however the Index does not constrain the Fund's portfolio construction. The Fund’s holdings may deviate significantly from the Index’s constituents and as a result the Fund’s performance may deviate materially from the Index.


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