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The investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation and to provide a return to investors at the Maturity Date. After the initial 90-day Subscription Period (during which the Sub-Fund will gain exposure either directly or indirectly via units of Underlying Funds to instruments such as debt instruments, money market instruments and certificates of deposit i.e. the Initial Strategies), the Fund seeks to achieve this investment objective by rotating out of the Initial Strategies into the Longer Term Strategies (i.e. Averaging Out). This Averaging Out will continue for 57 months on a pro-rata monthly basis up to the Maturity Date.The Longer Term Strategies may be achieved through purchasing: i) Underlying Funds that have a primary focus on providing exposure to companies, sectors and geographical regions that benefit from ongoing global megatrends. ii) Underlying Funds that are managed with absolute return investment strategies; including in Underlying Funds with indirect exposure to commodities; iii) Underlying Funds that provide exposure to government or corporate debt securities of Investment Grade and/or non-Investment Grade (including government bonds). Investment in Underlying Funds will be made based on the examination of a number of factors including the investment policy and objectives, investment strategy and process, performance track record, team structure and risk management. The Manager uses in-house qualitative and quantitative techniques to evaluate, select and perform on-going monitoring of Underlying Funds and their investment managers. The Sub-Fund may use derivatives to reduce various risks and for Efficient Portfolio Management purposes. The Fund is actively Managed. The Fund does not aim to track the performance of a benchmark. Portfolio composition is determined based on active and discretionary investment decisions and choices. There can be no guarantee that the investment objective will actually be attained and investors are explicitly warned that this Sub-Fund is not a capital guaranteed product. Investors can redeem their Shares on any business day in Luxembourg. Investors can ask for full or partial redemption of the Shares held. SFDR Classification: The Sub-Fund is classified as an Art. 8 financial product under SFDR. This means that, by pursuing its objective, this Sub-Fund promotes, among other characteristics, environmental and/or social characteristics, including the investment in companies that follow good governance practices (“ESG”). The underlying funds or the assets held directly by the Sub-Fund are assessed as related to ESG criteria and, where applicable, they must have an explicit commitment to responsible investing as per their investment process. For more detailed information on the ESG components of the Sub-Fund as well as the integration of sustainability risks into the investment decision process, please refer to the supplement and to the ICAV prospectus.


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