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Objectives and Investment Policy The investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to provide long-term capital growth. The Sub-Fund invests predominantly in equity of companies, of any size and in any sector, that carry out the main part of their economic activity in a European country. Investments may include real estate investment trusts (“REITs”). The Sub-Fund follows a bottom-up investment process investing in European stocks with the Value, Quality, and Momentum style characteristics that it believes will deliver outperformance over the long term. The Investment Manager screens its investment universe of approximately 1,800 European stocks to identify those with the style characteristics that are sought in the Sub-Fund. This screening consists of both quantitative analysis of Value, Momentum, and Quality characteristics, as well as fundamental analysis of each stock’s style attributes and any other factors that may impact its share price performance going forward (e.g. management changes). The Sub-Fund may hold bonds, money market instruments or money market Sub-Funds on an ancilliary basis. The Sub-Fund may use derivatives to reduce various risks or for efficient portfolio management. Benchmark Information: The Sub-fund is actively managed. The Investment Manager, considering the degree of representativeness of the underlying markets and their liquidity, strategically selects a benchmark (the “Benchmark”) appropriate to the Sub-Fund’s investment policies, which is used as performance comparison. The selected Benchmark is MSCI Europe Index (Total Return Net). The Sub-fund does not aim to track or replicate the performance of the Benchmark and therefore investors should be aware that the Sub-fund may underperform the Benchmark. There can be no guarantee that the investment objective will actually be attained and investors are explicitly warned that this SubFund is not a capital guaranteed product. Investors can redeem their Shares on any business day in Luxembourg. Investors can ask for full or partial redemption of the Shares held. SFDR Classification: The Sub-Fund is classified as an Art. 8 financial product under SFDR. For more detailed information on the ESG components of the Sub-Fund as well as the integration of sustainability risks into the investment decision process, please refer to the supplement and to the ICAV prospectus.


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