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Objectives and Investment Policy The investment objective is to achieve long term capital growth by tracking the performance of the BlueStar Global Logistics Index. The Sub-Fund may be exposed to up to 100% of its assets to equities and equity-related securities, such as American depositary receipts and global depositary receipts, rights and warrants of companies located worldwide, traded on the Recognised Markets (the “Invested Assets”). The portfolio of Invested Assets will be selected by the Manager based on the Manager’s view of market conditions and quantitative parameters such as historical price volatility. The Fund may engage in derivatives such as Total Return Swaps and currency forwards. The return that a Shareholder may receive will be dependent on the performance of the Index, the performance of the Invested Assets and the performance of the Total Return Swaps. The Fund may also replicate the Index by holding all of the securities of the Index in a similar proportion to their weighting in the Index. However, where full replication of the Index is not reasonably possible, the Fund will invest in a portfolio of equity securities that consists of a representative sample of the component securities of the Index to build a representative portfolio that provides a return that is comparable to that of the Index. In selecting the representative sample of the component securities of the Index, the Manager will use techniques such as optimisation. There can be no guarantee that the investment objective will actually be attained, and investors are explicitly warned that this Sub-Fund is not a capital guaranteed product. Investors can redeem their Shares on any Business Day, as defined in the supplement. Investors can ask for full or partial redemption of the Shares held. Benchmark Information: The Sub-Fund is passively managed. The Index tracked by the Sub-Fund is BlueStar Global Logistics Index, provided by MV Index Solutions GmbH, as the Index Provider. The Index Provider is recognised under Article 34 of the Benchmark Regulation. The Index is calculated by Solactive AG as a vendor for calculation services. Please refer to the additional information under “Description of the Index” in the supplement. Recommended for retail investors
■ With a basic knowledge of investing in funds and no or limited experience of investing in the Sub-Fund or similar funds.
■ Who understand the risk of losing some or all of the capital invested.
■ Seeking capital appreciation over the long term and who are willing to accept a high level of volatility from time-to-time.
■ This Sub-Fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to withdraw their money before 5 years. This is a non-distributing unit class. Investment income is re-invested. Investors may sell on demand on any Business Day.


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